About Us

Unlocking the Potential of Land

Land is a key source of livelihood and economic wellbeing across sub-Saharan Africa, yet evidence clearly shows that the majority poor in the region are unable to use land to lift themselves out of poverty. Land is said to be significant to the spiritual and social identity of peoples, yet unclear tenure is central to many of the stories of civil strife that plague the region. Africans across the region continue to be subject to willful dispossession of their lands.

While leaders in Africa see clearly the benefits of addressing weaknesses in land governance,  they often lack a high-level trusted source of guidance, an advisory body grounded in the reality of individual African countries, with the highest levels of expertise on land. Without such guidance, political leaders continue to face the challenge of how best to operationalize at country levels, the progressive decisions they have in response to land issues and challenges.

Operating with skill, commitment and integrity, the members of the African Land Advisory Group seek to assist political leaders and other top officials in unlocking the potential of land for attaining the goals of sustainable development.

There may be no more important issue for determining the future of African countries than the question of how governments implement land reform in both urban and rural settings.

Recognized African Expertise for African Solutions

The Group’s members represent the best independent African expertise in a range of land-related disciplines from across the continent. They include high-ranking government officials, consultants and well researched academics, and are experienced policy actors capable of navigating politically-sensitive situations in land governance and are well recognised by governments, donors and civil society.

United by a Shared Vision

Members are united by a conviction that they can make a significant contribution to overcoming the obstacles confronted by national leaders and other stakeholders with respect to land.

Their shared vision for land centres around the following principles:

  • The equitable distribution of and access to land as a fundamental human right
  • An inclusive approach to defining security and ownership that acknowledge the interests and rights of users of land
  • A balanced approach between the utility of land, its political and social value as well as its economic significance

Inspiring African Leadership on Land

Driven by a desire to leave a lasting legacy of a united and strengthened Africa, the Group engages African political leadership to focus their attention on inclusive, people-centered land governance. To inspire good African leadership on the issue, the Group follows these broad strategies:

  • Engage political thought leadership to change behaviors and mind-sets
  • Influence policy decisions proactively and reactively
  • Bring attention to emerging issues
  • Throw a new light on old problems
  • Co-create knowledge and solutions through dialogue and learning

The Group accepts assignments by invitation from organizations and governments at various levels: institutional, national, sub-regional and continental.  It will also work with international and multilateral organizations to inform their engagement with African states and processes. To ensure these initiatives are rooted in and informed by African aspirations.